Why Choose Platinum Drilling Services

Experience is the difference

You won’t find better value anywhere else.  With Platinum Drilling Services you get more than “an” expert – you get a team.

Excellence is at the heart of our culture and runs through every element of our business. Building enduring relationships with our clients and our employees is what motivates us to recommend Platinum Drilling Services, but here is a list of the top 10 reasons our clients do:

  1. Platinum Drilling Services is committed to customer satisfaction and maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients and independent consultants, which is as refreshing as it is rewarding for us both.
  2. You get depth of experience.  Those years of experience give Platinum Drilling Services unique credibility and scope to integrate with our processes and procedures.
  3. You get breadth of experience, as well.  Whatever the size or focus of the drilling campaign or project, Platinum Drilling Services can assist. 
  4. Platinum Drilling Services bring value to the relationship by working in ways that best fit our problem and organisation by assisting us to turn strategy into operational reality.
  5. Platinum Drilling Services can become our Drilling Team, without the expense creating cost savings to our bottom line.  They are transparent and there are no hidden costs which is what we want. 
  6. Platinum Drilling Services have close knot relationships with all the service companies and have demonstrated their ability to negotiate with other drilling contractors to share costs and value add by forming rig clubs that are beneficial to the industry.
  7. Continuous improvement is an important key to ongoing operational success.  Platinum Drilling Services ensure that past lessons learnt are captured and implemented moving forward.
  8. Platinum Drilling Services will negotiate a risk reward contract if preferred and are open to all suggestions that assist in achieving cost savings to our bottom line.
  9. Platinum Drilling Services’ uncompromising approach to quality, safety, customer service and the environment meets and sometimes exceeds our expectation.
  10. Platinum Drilling Services’ specialised, results-driven approach, fosters transparent communication and their expertise, extensive resources, network and 24/7 support gives them the ability to react to our needs at a moment’s notice.