HSEQ Platform

Tomorrow – is your reward for working safely today

Platinum Drilling Services’ commitment to health, safety, quality and the environment is led by our management team and is instilled in every worker, every day. Well-defined roles and responsibilities ensure all employees of Platinum Drilling Services understand what is expected of them and that there is nothing more important than a safe work environment.

Platinum Drilling Services work side by side with our clients to share best industry practices companywide to drive continuous improvement and to ensure that our approach to HSEQ is consistent, effective and empowers our employees to be, and do, better.

Platinum Drilling Services starts its health and safety program with extensive hands-on training and interactive company safety inductions. This ensures our employees understand the risks involved in their work and how to minimise them by using safe processes and practices each and every day, on and offshore.

At Platinum Drilling Services, we work together to achieve an injury-free workplace and to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. We believe that a corporate culture that truly values health, safety, quality and environmental performance is the foundation of operational success. We aim to deliver this every day in all that we do.